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If you have had a loan, mortgage or any other kind of credit agreement within the last twelve years you may well have been mis-sold payment protection insurance.  Here at bankcomplaints.com we are able to help you with any ppi claims you have, simply fill in the form above and one of our highly trained specialist team will contact you shortly.

What Are PPI Claims?

PPI is a form of insurance sold with a loan, Credit Card or any other form of borrowing and a claim is to look at any PPI a client may have had and establish if the policy was mis sold or not. The mis sale of this product occurred heavily in the 1990’s and 2000’s where the banks and lenders were able to make huge profits from the costly premiums and interest charged. In turn the PPI Claims cover itself was largely useless and very expensive. Because bank staff were targeted to sell the insurance many people had loans and cards with the premiums added believing that they had to have the cover being told it was needed for the application to go through, or it formed part of the facility, these being the main reason for any mis sale. In some cases the insurance was added without the client even knowing!

Can I make a PPI Claim with no Paperwork?

The simple answer is yes. Most people do not keep paperwork for facilities that they may have and so if this is the case it would be unfair if the bank or lender did not allow a search just on your address and personal details. We always make sure that when this search is carried out it includes all forms of borrowing that you may have had from a loan or loans, through credit cards and mortgages.

Sometimes the lender despite have name and address details adopts selective amnesia and is after initial attempts is unable to locate information. Again we can overcome this but we are used to initial rebuffs from the lenders and sadly this is par for the course.

So whether you have paperwork or not, whether you have details of the account or not, we can look into whether PPI was attached to any borrowing and if it was recover the PPI and interest compensation on your behalf. If we are unsuccessful or there is no PPI then there is no fee to pay!

How Far Back Can a PPI Claim Go?

There is no set time to look into claims. The main reason for this is that all lenders keep paperwork for different lengths of time. Sometimes we find lenders are no longer in business or the policy was sold before they were regulated in a way to bring complaints to them. If this is the case we can either approach the compensation scheme or the underwriters of the policies to PPi Claims Managementobtain refunds and as these are all different.

Because of the differences from lender to lender we always take on claims as the worse that will happen is the information cannot be located as it is too old and been destroyed. If this is the case then no fee is due but at least as a client you know. We have a general rule of a period of about 12 years, but this is certainly not fixed having recovered refunds from the early 90’s.

What We Can Do to Help

We have been dealing with bank complaints as a firm and individuals since 1999 after time working in various roles in a high street bank and having dealt with complaints ranging from overcharging through mis selling to fraud. With this experience we are able to deal with most complaints against banks. Primarily complaints at the moment centre around the recovery of PPI from Mis selling, but we also look after other areas which include, Mortgage mis selling, Card Protection (CPP) mis selling, Interest and fee overcharging or mis selling, LIBOR rate fixing, consequential loss calculation and other specific bespoke complaints.


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